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EZ Swimmer Rig - $26.96 - Free Shipping USA
• 250 foot of tarred black nylon line
• 4 barrel swivels attached to line
• Rig allows for a 20 foot range of motion
   with automatic return
• Four ez clips with nylon drops
• Small decoy bag (lightweight)
• One year money back guarantee -
If for any reason you are dissatisfied Just send the rig back in a usable condition and you will be refunded your purchase

*Decoys not included

The product on the Jerk String video is the EZ Swimmer rig. I supply the rig and you supply your decoys. I use some unique features to make to ezswimmer work so well, such as the ezclip trotline clip. It has many, many uses. One is that it allows you to attach your decoys to the main line without having to tie a knot. You just make a trotline drop, loop the line end to the decoy and snap the ezclip to the swivel on the main line. You might want to check out the ezclip at www.ezcliptrotline.com.

EZ Swimmer in action
(Click here for video)

Motion, Cover and Calling
If you are like me you are always looking for ways to make your duck hunting trips more successful. The most important part of any successful duck hunt is to get back home safe and sound. So I encourage all of you to be safe out there while you enjoy your duck hunting.

After safety, the next three most important parts to a having a successful duck hunt are motion, cover and calling. If you have ducks in the area and you want to have a good chance to get them close you really need movement in your spread, good cover, and good calling.

The EZ Swimmer rig is a non-motorized rig that allows you to hook up your decoys and gets them moving and swimming. I like a rig with four decoys moving but the rig is adjustable to allow you attach more. If you are setting up a rig that you know won't move during the season you could easily attach a dozen decoys to one rig, but if you plan to shoot and move I think a rig with four is very good. Sometimes the hunting conditions give you all the motion you need in your decoys. If the wind is blowing strong or you are hunting in the river with a strong current you will get all the motion you need from your decoys, but if you are like me, sometimes you find yourself in a slew, a rice field, or standing 3 foot deep in the timber and the decoys look just like statues. They just aren't moving.

That's when you need the EZ Swimmer Rig. I supply you the EZ Swimmer rig, you attach your decoys and the motion begins. It has no motor or battery to deal with. It's easy to set up and easy to move. If you are hunting the pit and all ducks all seem to be working the dump you can relocate this entire rig as easy as moving your decoys.

Set Up Is Easy
It's easy to set up and best of all in a very inexpensive fashion for the rest of your life you will never have to hunt over decoys that are not moving. You set out the rig, anchor the far end, attach your decoys, and let the swimming motion begin. If you like what you see and want to give one a try then I supply the rig, you attach your decoys, and the motion begins. Now we get to the question of how much does it cost? Since you supply your own decoys I have managed to get the cost down to a level where you just might spend more on gasoline for one hunting trip than on the EZ Swimmer rig that can be used over and over again through the season.

(Click here for video)

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